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About us

Lebanese restaurants are known to be highly healthy food across the world. What makes the culture food stand out is how fresh, home-made, and love we put into making these foods!

  Alina's Lebanese Cuisine is a family owned business, insuring we take care of our costumers and to serve the most authentic and delicious middle-eastern food.

 Kebabs, Shawarma, Falafel (etc.) are well known amongst the Lebanese culture, and we are here to give you authentic and delicious food. 

Unique and different food is what we wish to bring to those who are new to our culture and to those who are willing to try something new, we welcome you to Alina's Lebanese Cuisine!

       Shawarma Chicken/Beef


We take pride in everything that we serve. Everything is made fresh to order. Nothing is ever pre-made. Experience our mouth watering Shawarma tri-tip steak and our unique signature garlic spread. At Alina's Lebanese Cuisine we proudly serve authentic Lebanese gourmet food. We offer veggie dishes, grilled chicken and beef, as well as exotic Mediterranean drinks (hot and cold).

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(909) 947-2070

Owner - Anthony

Chef - Tony 

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